About Xact Skin Markers and Solstice Corporation

Solstice Corporation is a designer and manufacturer of innovative medical and industrial devices designed to save time, save money, and improve patient care.

Solstice starts with the Micro-Tip®

Solstice incorporated in 1989 in Portland, Maine, after we identified a need for small, high-quality surgical applicators. The Micro-Tip cotton applicator quickly became a staple in medical offices throughout the United States. They are now indispensable for not only medical procedures, but also in the manufacturing, optical cleaning and the fiber optic industries. Conservators use the Micro-Tip applicators to restore precious works of art at museums and the applicators are used to clean the lenses of miniature on-field cameras used during the Super Bowl. Micro-Tip applicators simply go places other swabs can’t.

The Xact® family of imaging markers

In 1993, we recognized a need for a timesaving marker for identifying areas of clinical interest on X-ray. The Xact family of X-ray imaging markers was developed, starting with the patented X-ray Identification Marker. Xact brand markers have quickly become the marker of choice at hospitals across America. The product line now includes markers specific for nipples, moles, scars, palpable masses, tomosynthesis (3D mammography) and CT scans. More markers specific to your needs are under development.

Solstice utilizes proprietary automated assembly machinery to manufacture the ultra-precision markers in the U.S.A.

Better performance. Better price.™

Solstice Corporation guarantees Micro-Tip applicators and Xact markers will deliver exceptional quality at an exceptional price.