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Multi-Modality: for 3D Tomo, 2D mammo, and CT applications
1.5mm Tomosynthesis/CT BB Markers1.5mm Tomosynthesis/CT BB MarkersM15SC100$24.00
2.0mm Tomosynthesis/CT BB Markers2.0mm Tomosynthesis/CT BB MarkersM20SC100$24.00
2.3mm Tomosynthesis/CT BB Markers2.3mm Tomosynthesis/CT BB MarkersM23SC85$24.00
Tomosynthesis Lesion MarkersTomosynthesis Lesion MarkersM10TT100$24.00
Tomosynthesis Mole MarkersTomosynthesis Mole MarkersM15RT80$24.00
Tomosynthesis Scar MarkersTomosynthesis Scar MarkersM10LT300$24.00
2D mammo and Xray applications
1.5mm Nipple Markers / BB Markers1.5mm Nipple Markers / BB MarkersM15S120$24.00
2mm Nipple Markers / BB Markers2mm Nipple Markers / BB MarkersM20S120$24.00
Lesion MarkersLesion MarkersM10TM120$24.00
Mammography Scar MarkersMammography Scar MarkersM10LM330$24.00
Mole MarkersMole MarkersM15RM100$24.00
Extremity Xray applications
10mm Extremity Ring Markers10mm Extremity Ring MarkersM10R60$24.00
15mm Extremity Ring  Markers15mm Extremity Ring MarkersM15R60$24.00
Acrylic Wall-Mount Box Organizer For X-ray Markers (Ships Separately)Acrylic Wall-Mount Box Organizer For X-ray Markers (Ships Separately)MH61$20.00
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