New product submissions to Solstice

Solstice Corporation (“Solstice”) actively invents, develops, patents, manufactures, and sells innovative products for use in the health care industry.  We are also interested in establishing mutually beneficial relationships with doctors, radiologic technologists, nurses and other innovators to bring new products to market.  Solstice must, however, protect our own ability to invent, develop and patent our ideas.  Solstice’s submission policy, and the steps that we require be taken prior to us responding to non-solicited submissions, are outlined below.

Solstice does not accept submissions from individuals or companies who have not reviewed and agreed to be bound by the terms of the Solstice Submission Agreement set forth below.  Solstice will treat any submission received prior to our receipt of a signed copy of our Submission Agreement as public information.  This means any information received by Solstice prior to the receipt of your agreement to be bound by the terms of our Submission Agreement becomes public information upon receipt by Solstice.  Solstice shall have no obligation or duty to keep confidential any information submitted prior to receipt of your Submission Agreement.  Solstice shall have no obligation to compensate you, or otherwise contact you, concerning Solstice’s use of such public information.

Please review the Solstice Submission Agreement link above. If you find our terms acceptable, please send a signed Submission Agreement to Solstice at the email, mailing or facsimile address below.  Solstice may then contact you to discuss the specifics of your new product, technology or invention as well as collaborative efforts we may be interested in pursuing.

Thank you for your interest in Solstice.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Mail:    Solstice Corporation
Attn: New Products
PO Box 1177
Portland, ME  USA  04104
Fax:     207.874.7924