AWC350 Micro-Tip® Cotton-Tipped Applicator

Not for medical use

Micro-Tip AWC350 Precision Applicators are precision miniature cotton-tipped applicators featuring a single-ended finely pointed non-sterile cotton bud on a 3-inch hardwood shaft. These applicators are fabricated with a tightly wound pointed bud. These cotton swabs are very popular with the semiconductor, electronics, optical assembly, archival, research, and fiber optic industries.

Solstice Corporation supplies this product on a wholesale basis to industrial users, free UPS ground shipping in the continental U.S., net 30 days. Not for medical use.

  • Bud: Pointed cotton ~12mm (single-ended)
  • Shaft: 3″ hardwood
  • Binder: carboxymethyl cellulose
  • Swabs/poly envelope: 25
  • Envelopes/box: 100
  • Boxes/case: 4
  • Total: 10,000 swabs per case
  • Not for medical use. To order please call 800-874-7922.


“The AWC350’s are very good for clearing glue because they are so tightly woven and do not leave any fiber residue.”

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