APC370 Micro-Tip Cotton-Tipped Applicator

Micro-Tip APC370 Precision Applicators are precision miniature cotton tipped applicators featuring a super tight cylindrical bud at each end. This swab is very popular with the fiber optic industry for use in cleaning SC connectors.

Solstice Corporation supplies this product on a wholesale basis to manufacturing concerns, free UPS ground shipping in the continental U.S., net 30 days. Non-sterile, not for medical use. Call 800-874-7922 to order.

Bud:tight cylinder shape, premium cotton 2.0mm x ~12mm (double ended)
Shaft:3″ paper
Binder: PVA
Total:15,000 swabs per case


APC370 Micro-Tip Cotton-Tipped Applicator

Not for medical use

To order please call


The APC370 is the tightest wound miniature cotton tip we have seen. It fits SC fiber optic connectors perfectly!