1.5mm Nipple Markers / BB Markers

M15S lead-free nipple markers are easy to apply and burnout resistant. This universal design allows significant reduction of inventory, ease of ordering, and substantial cost reduction. They have a 1.5mm diameter BB format. For a similar but larger product, please see marker M20S.  For tomosynthesis  and CT applications, please see our family of plastic BB markers M15SC, M20SC, and M23SC.

  • Reduced Cost – $24/box AND free shipping – saves you money.
  • Increased Radiopacity – Less burnout, fewer repeats, easier to see.
  • Larger Lift Tabs – Easier to remove because they’re easier to grab.
  • Superior Adhesion – Our thin, flexible makers won’t fall off.  They stay on your patient, not your shoes!
  • Latex Free – All Xact markers are made of latex free materials for your patients’ safety.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Feel good about using Xact products.  All markers are made in the U.S., all packaging is biodegradable, and the entire family is lead free.  Xact markers ensure your safety and are eco-friendly.
  • Simplified Inventory – Save time and money.  Eight markers cover your imaging needs without unnecessary duplication.
  • Stay Organized – Available wall-mount holder keeps your markers neat and accessible.
  • Convenient Ordering – Order the way that is most convenient for you:
    • Online from this site
    • Fax to 207-874-7924
    • Call us at 800-874-7922 where our friendly sales reps can answer your questions.
  • Money Back Guarantee – Be confident.  Solstice Corporation stands behind your order with a money-back guarantee.